Thelemic Mysticism

Babalon Yantra - IAO131

Thelemic Mysticism

Part 1: Introduction

What is Mysticism? • Mysticism as a Goal • Mysticism as a Path • What Mysticism isn’t • Magick vs. Mysticism • Thaumaturgy vs. Theurgy • Summary

Part 2: Mysticism in Theory

The Essential Nature of the Mystic Goal • Characteristics of the Mystic Goal • The Various Symbols of the Mystic Goal 

Part 3: Mysticism in Practice – Introduction & The Man of Earth

The Conceptualizations of the Mystic Path • The Journey • The Transmutation • The Stages or “Grades” of the Path • 1) The Man of Earth: The Beginning of the Path • The Ordeal • The Work

Part 4: Mysticism in Practice – The Lover

2) The Lover: Communion with the Holy Guardian Angel • The Nature of the Second Stage • The Work • The Ordeal 

Part 5: Mysticism in Practice – Crossing the Abyss & The The Hermit

The Ordeal: The Dark Night of the Soul – The Babe of the Abyss • The Nature of the Ordeal of Crossing the Abyss • 3) The Hermit: The Arising of Nemo • Characteristics of this grade • The Task: Being cast out of the Abyss and tending to the Garden


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