Essays and other works written by IAO131.


True Will



The Holy Books of Thelema

  • Commentary on Liber B vel MagiA commentary on this Holy Book of Thelema about the Grade of Magus, including cross-references and Qabalistic symbolism.

Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica

  • The Symbolic Dimensions of the Gnostic Mass: An exploration of various symbolic dimensions of or perspectives on the Gnostic Mass with the notion that understanding more of these perspectives enhances one’s appreciation of this sacred rite.

Miscellaneous Topics

  • Why Thelema Kicks Ass: A short essay in plain language about what sets Thelema apart from everything else as a way of life.
  • Death in Thelema: An exploration of the concept of death as it is understood in Thelema.
  • The Politics of Thelema: An exploration of whether Thelema has a political philosophy of anarchy, democracy, or aristocracy.
  • The Path of Excess in Thelema: An essay describing the method of excess in Thelema in contrast to the Middle Path of moderation of the Old Aeon.

The Rituals of the Elements and the Feasts of the Times

Works in Other Publications

Lectures, Interviews, and Other Media


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