This is a list of various projects that IAO131 has contributed to:


2nd Century Thelema

2nd Century Thelema
(2013-Current) – creator
The New Aeon began in 1904 with the reception of The Book of the Law on April 8-10, and – in Spring of 2004, e.v. – we entered the 2nd Century of this New Aeon. 2nd Century Thelema is a website dedicated to exploring how Thelema is developing the 2nd Century of the New Aeon.

The Grady McMurtry Project

The Grady McMurtry Project
(2013-Current) – creator & editor
The Grady McMurtry Project was created in order to preserve the legacy of Grady L. McMurtry, also known as Hymenaeus Alpha 777. The Grady McMurtry Project is hosted by Blazing Star Oasis, O.T.O.. Blazing Star is the direct heir of Thelema Lodge, which was chartered by Grady McMurtry in 1977.


The Speech in the Silence podcast
(2009-Current) – co-creator
The podcast about Thelema, Aleister Crowley, Ordo Templi Orientis, Magick, and more. Material from Lon Milo DuQuette, Dr. David Shoemaker, Dr. Richard Kaczynski, Frater Sabazius X°, Frater IAO131, and much more

Journal of Thelemic Studies

The Journal of Thelemic Studies
(2007-2009) – founder, editor, contributor
The Journal of Thelemic Studies was created to foster the most modern, current thought in the Thelemic community by propagating the literature of various authors on the subject of Thelema.

Society of Scientific Illuminism

The Society of Scientific Illuminism
(2009-Current) – founder
The Society of Scientific Illuminism is a group of individuals dedicated to the principles of Scientific Illuminism, “The Method of Science, the Aim of Religion.”



  1. I am 29. I was born in San Luis obispo can us on Feb. 4 1985 at 407am. I am an Aquarius. I have a strong sense of responsibility to my higher power to find answers to the questions of life. I have had a long journey and I enjoy it. I just found you on accident by listening for the first time the cult of personality podcast…. And tonight is an amazing point in my life where I feel like I have made an amazing discovery in crossing paths with your beautiful mind. I am in a lower economic class where intellect is scarce but I am thankful that there is someone out there like you… And like me. You are hands down of a higher intellect than I having extensive experience in multiple aspects of elightenment… You remind me ify purpose. To keep opening my heart by expanding my mind. Love is the law that’s what I live by. So my next subject of research..
    Your outlook on all my previous research. I am confident your views are honest and impartial. I am looking forward to learning. Thanks for your help and your beautuful mind. I know you are an imperative stepping stone for me on my path to scientific illumination. And please…
    Don’t stop doing what you are doing….


    1. 93 Melina!

      Takes one to know one of higher intellect.. merely but a reflection of you, beautiful. Cheers ~

      93 93/93 Asraiya


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